Porcelain Crowns in Spring Valley, CA

Dental Crowns Spring ValleyDo you have a broken or missing tooth? Do you have a misshapen tooth or perhaps a tooth that is discolored? There are a variety of treatments to repair or restore your smile. One is with a dental crown or a tooth crown from Spring Valley Dental Care.

A dental crown is a cap made of porcelain or another sturdy material that is fitted over your natural tooth or on top of a dental implant. When you smile, laugh, chew, eat – your dental crown looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth. You may forget you weren’t born with it!

If you need to have a damaged tooth replaced or restored because the tooth has been cracked, chipped, or if it is discolored, a dental crown or tooth crown can resolve this issue beautifully. The dentist will shape your tooth then place the crown on top, bonding it to your tooth with a strong bonding material.

There are many advantages to getting a dental crown or tooth crown:

  • Aesthetics — A dental crown looks just like a regular tooth. It is shaped to look just like a natural tooth and is produced from a material shaded to your own teeth. Your smile looks totally natural.
  • Feel — A tooth crown feels like a regular tooth. After having a missing tooth, having that “full mouth” feeling is actually very comforting and familiar.
  • Function — A dental crown can bite and chew just like a regular tooth.
  • Durable — A tooth crown is sturdy, strong, and when placed properly, last a long time.
  • Care — A dental crown requires no special care. Just brush and floss daily and see your dentist regularly.

Dr. Yahya and his friendly, well-trained team in Spring Valley, CA are very experienced in placing a dental crown or tooth crown. We want to do all we can to make your smile gorgeous and keep your smile healthy, clean, and functioning at its best. Contact us today and we can get your smile just the way you want it! Of course, you can also fill out an appointment request.