Invisalign in Spring Valley, CA

Invisalign Spring valley

Have you ever wanted the perfect smile with straight, beautiful teeth but don’t want to deal with the look and feel of traditional metal braces? Beautifully straight teeth are highly sought after, but aren’t you just a little concerned about the metal cutting up and scarring your mouth?

Good news, traditional metal braces are not your only option anymore. Traditional metal braces are effective at straightening teeth, but the look of a mouth full of metal turns some people off. In addition, metal braces are a semi permanent fixture of your mouth installed with special dental cement to ensure that they are on tight. This means getting metal braces put on and removed can be extremely painful.

Luckily for you, Invisalign can be just as effective traditional metal braces but without the downfalls that are often associated with its traditional metal cousin. And our Spring Valley dentist, Dr. Hazzaa Yahya, can get you started with treatment! But what exactly is Invisalign and why can it be superior to traditional metal braces?

The Advantages of Invisalign

The many advantages of Invisalign include:

  • Invisible braces — Invisalign treatment consists of clear teeth aligners, or invisible braces, that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Invisible braces allow the wearer to smile and laugh without the embarrassment of having a metal mouthed smile being showcased to the world.
  • Comfort — Having metal braces cemented to your teeth is just as uncomfortable as it sounds. All day every day you have traditional dental braces in your mouth you are living with discomfort. The metal jabs your mouth constantly and sometimes gets caught in your gums causing them to bleed from the cuts your expensive teeth aligner has given you, which can often cause scarring to the gums. This is not the case with Invisalign, which uses sets of clear braces plastic trays to slowly align your teeth as opposed to the need to  tighten metal braces. The most discomfort you will experience with invisible braces is a little bit of soreness when you switch tray sets every few weeks, but your mouth will adjust to the new tray quickly.
  • Ease — Once traditional metal braces are on, they are on until it’s time for them to come off. It can be difficult for metal brace wears since certain foods can get stuck to the braces and brushing your teeth can be a chore with the metal tearing up the bristles on your tooth brush. This is the most beneficial aspect of Invisalign. Since they are removable you don’t have to worry about getting have food or toothbrush bristles getting stuck in the metal. When it’s time to brush your teeth, just remove the invisible trays and you’re in business.
  • Time — More often than you would like, with traditional braces, you have to go and get them cleaned and tightened by Spring Valley Dental Care in Spring Valley, CA to ensure they are aligning your teeth properly. In addition to being painful, this can also take up a considerable amount of time. Invisalign, however, save you this time with the removable invisible trays. Every two weeks or so you go in, get your next set of Invisalign and you are all set for another two weeks. No tightening required, just stop in, pick it up and you’re on your way.

If the idea of having Invisalign clear braces sounds like something you want more information about please feel free to contact us or fill out an appointment request! Here at Spring Valley Dental Care, we want to partner with you to give you a smile to light up the Spring Valley, CA area!