7 Tips to Prevent White Spots after Braces

As a dental patient with braces, you need to be extra thorough in your oral hygiene routine to effectively prevent issues during your orthodontic treatment. One common issue among patients is developing white spots throughout treatment with braces. Typically due to poor oral care, these white spots will alter the appearance of your straightened teeth, which is the last thing you want to see upon having your braces removed. With this, proper oral care is essential in preventing white spots after braces.

At Spring Valley Dental Care, we want the very best for every one of our dental patients, and that includes those undergoing orthodontic treatment! Braces create hard-to-reach areas of your teeth, which makes white spots so common. Fortunately, we can help you prevent these with some effective tips. First, let’s take a look at the cause of the aforementioned white spots.

What Causes White Spots?

White spots on teeth can actually be caused by a variety of factors, and aren’t always the result of orthodontic treatment. However, because white spots are a common occurrence among dental and orthodontic patients, we’ll take a closer look at how white spots are caused when braces are a factor.

White spots, often called white spots lesions, are caused by the process of demineralization. Demineralization occurs quite similarly to tooth decay in the sense that both are caused by plaque build up. Typically the result of poor dental care, plaque buildup causes demineralization by forming harmful acids that remove minerals from the tooth’s surface. This then affects the way the tooth reflects light, resulting in white spot lesions.

White spot lesions are common in orthodontic patients due to the hard-to-reach areas braces create in the mouth. These areas often call for more thorough cleaning, as a simple toothbrush won’t effectively reach them. This is where Spring Valley Dental comes in!

Preventing White Spots after Braces: 7 Tips

In terms of white spots after braces, dental hygiene is usually to blame. While it’s essential every patient continues to come in for regular dental visits throughout orthodontic treatment, you should also be practicing a thorough oral hygiene routine at home. To help reduce your risk of developing white spots after braces, practice some of the tips provided below:

  • Brush twice a day for two minutes
  • Avoid using whitening or bleaching toothpastes
  • Use mouthwash with fluoride
  • Avoid harmful foods and beverages (candy, soda, sports drinks)
  • Use proxy brushes to reach between brackets and under wires
  • Use an electric toothbrush
  • Floss at least once a day

Prevent White Spots and Call Dr. Boyer Today!

Needless to say, proper oral care is essential during orthodontic treatment (though it’s always important). With a thorough oral hygiene routine, you can prevent white spots and have a set of perfect teeth come the day your braces are removed. In the meantime, be sure to visit Spring Valley Dental Care for checkups and professional cleanings!

If you’d like to schedule a cleaning with Dr. Boyer, you can call us at 619.670.4471 or contact us here.