What 3 Things are needed to get a Cavity?

It takes three things to get a cavity. (I’ll give you the first 1 it’s A Tooth) What are the other 2 things? Germs, we call them bacterial plaque. Dental decay is the #1 bacterial infection in humans! And #3? Simple carbohydrates (aka: Sugar). Totally take away any one of those 3 and you won’t get a cavity. Let’s keep the teeth! Make life hard on germs by brushing, flossing, using fluoride toothpastes, having your teeth professionally cleaned and cutting down on sugar. Sugars can be addictive (Starbucks knows that) but you can do it! You have control over getting cavities or not. Choose not. As part of your dental health we look beyond just your teeth.

Think you may have a cavity or you have question about preventing them?

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