Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Your enamel plays an incredibly important role in your mouth. It is your shield from many issues with your oral health. With that said, it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits to keep your enamel healthy and strong. It is also beneficial to learn what is putting your enamel at risk.

Spring Valley Dental provides a wide variety of dental services to families. We aim to give our patients a comfortable experience that helps them achieve a beautiful smile. Outside of the services we provide to improve your oral health, we also take the time to educate our patients on the importance of oral hygiene. Here are some ways to strengthen tooth enamel and maintain a healthy smile.

The Importance of Tooth Enamel

As we mentioned, tooth enamel shields your teeth to protect against tooth decay. Enamel is the outer layer of your tooth that is the most clearly colored portion of the tooth as well as the most mineralized. Without your enamel, your teeth are constantly threatened by tooth decay.

Unfortunately, enamel cannot be regenerated. That means, if your enamel erodes, you will no longer have it as a source of protection for your teeth. It is incredibly important to think about the health of your enamel and practice dental hygiene that will protect it. Luckily, we have important tips to strengthen your tooth enamel.

How to Strengthen Enamel

Your diet is one of the most important aspects to the strength of your enamel. What you eat and drink can either harm or help your enamel. For example, sugars and starches that stick to your teeth can eat through your enamel. Acidic foods and drinks are also hard on your enamel, so it could benefit you if you limit drinks like sodas. It also helps to make sure to brush after each meal to keep your mouth clean of food particles.

As we mentioned though, your diet can also be beneficial for your enamel. Improving your nutritional intake will help remineralize tooth enamel to make sure it is still healthy. Of course, it doesn’t replace brushing. No matter what food you eat, it is crucial to keep up with your oral hygiene routine.

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