Odd Ways to Maintain Oral Health

When it comes to combating bacteria and avoiding tooth decay, brushing and flossing regularly have always been key factors in doing so. In other words, brushing and flossing are absolutely necessary in protecting your teeth and gums from damage. While these are the most effective ways to maintain oral health, you can actually try a few odd remedies to further protect your teeth and promote better oral health.

For patients who take their oral health seriously, as we all should, finding new ways to maintain healthy teeth is always a plus. Of course, every patient should continue to brush and floss their teeth daily, but adding these uncommon practices to your daily routine could be quite beneficial. Let’s take a look.

3 Little Known Ways to Keep Teeth Clean

Though brushing and flossing are important and necessary to effectively clean teeth, the less common practices to follow are great ways to maintain oral health as well. Fighting cavities and other dental issues isn’t always easy, but trying these easy tips could improve your efforts. Check out the list below:

  • Chew Cinnamon Gum: Studies have shown cinnamon-flavored gum can reduce the bacteria in your mouth, as it contains bacteria-inhibiting cinnamic aldehyde. Keep a pack of sugar-free cinnamon gum on hand for chewing after meals.
  • Eat Teeth-Cleaning Foods: Some foods, such as apples and carrots, can work to clean teeth while you eat them. Eating an apple or celery after meals is a great way to give your teeth an extra scrub while getting daily nutrients!
  • Stay Hydrated: A dry mouth can cause oral health issues, as we need our saliva to protect tooth enamel. By drinking plenty of water, you not only increase saliva, but also flush harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums.

2 Odd Ways to Maintain Oral Health

Though less common, you may have already been familiar with the oral health care tips above. However, we’re sure you aren’t aware of the odd ways to maintain oral health to follow. We’d all love to further protect our teeth and gums from harm, and the remedies listed below may accomplish that with ease! See below:

  • Catch Some Sun: We all know the benefits vitamin D presents to our bones and skin, but the essential vitamin can also combat tooth decay. Get some early-morning sun or eat food rich in vitamin D like salmon and eggs.
  • Take Probiotics: It may be surprising, but probiotics are “good” bacteria that promote health. Working to fend off harmful bacteria, probiotics can kill cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth and can even prevent bad breath.

Don’t Forget Regular Checkups

There you have it: 5 little-known ways to maintain oral health. While these odd practices have proven to help fight cavities and other oral health issues, you should always remember to brush and floss each day. Additionally, we recommend all patients visit Dr. Boyer at Spring Valley Dental Care for checkups twice a year.

If you’re concerned about your oral health, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment. You can give us a call at 619.670.4471.