Improving Oral Health with Orthodontics

It may seem strange that you go to a dentist, an orthodontist and a periodontist for different aspects of oral care; however, ultimately this is all part of the process in maintaining good oral hygiene and care. These roles go hand in hand, so oftentimes a dentist may suggest other methods to help care for problems your teeth face. Once such way to improve overall oral health is with orthodontics.

When you work Spring Valley Dental Care under the direction of Dr. William Boyer, you can rest assured that our team takes a holistic approach to your oral care. Our mission is to connect these various practices that all serve to put you in better oral health with recommendations, field knowledge, and long term decision making when it comes to how orthodontics affects your oral health.

Perfecting Your Smile

Your teeth are the strongest bones in your body, but even the strongest of bones need a little help. At Spring Valley Dental Care, our staff works to keep a smile on your face through proper oral care. With that, there comes a time where most clients can benefit from orthodontic care both for the look of their smile and the health of their mouth.

Most pre-teens are advised to begin the orthodontics process as their most of their adult teeth erupt, and the shape of the smile and jaw is setting in. In fact, some may even start the process by age 7. While this time period is crucial in eliminating any health problems based on jaw and tooth misalignment, orthodontics can be an answer for patients of all ages.

Outside of aesthetic purposes, orthodontics is used to help improve overall oral health, something that contributes to things such as plaque buildup and cavities. Often, misaligned teeth can lead to food and sugars gettings stuck in hard-to-reach places created by these gaps, and cause more serious dental work to be done.

Other misalignments could include over or under bite, which can cause excessive pressure on individual teeth. This can wear down the teeth themselves, as well as harm the enamel, which otherwise helps protect your teeth.


When considering orthodontic work, it is always best to receive recommendations from your dentist. Dentist are familiar with your oral health history, you as a client, and your preferences. We can treat some orthodontic cases and refer you to an orthodontist when indicated.

Your dentist is also familiar with other practices in your area, oftentimes on the same professional boards and having gone to similar training and school. Asking your dentist for any sort of orthodontist recommendation will ensure you are not only getting quality work done, but also find someone who is going to work hand in hand with your dental care.

Keep in mind, as you undergo any orthodontic treatment, such as braces, your oral hygiene becomes all the more important. It is easy for plaque and cavities to form under braces and in places that may be obstructed by the appliances. This is where a professional cleaning can help keep your teeth healthy for the perfect smile that is to come.

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