Five Reasons to get Tooth Colored Fillings

When you need a dental composite you might assume it is going to be silver or amalgam. However, more and more dentists are encouraging their patients to get tooth colored fillings made of synthetic resins rather than silver or amalgam fillings. Here are five reasons why you should get a tooth colored composite instead of a silver or amalgam filling.

  1. Aesthetics- Tooth colored composite fillings are far less noticeable than their historic metal counterparts. Amalgam and silver fillings are easy to pick out before of the color difference between them and the rest of your shiny white teeth, but tooth colored fillings? Not so much. If keeping your pearly whites white is something that’s important to you, then tooth colored composite fillings are the way to go and most dentists would agree.

  2. Strength- Tooth colored resin composite fillings bond to the patient’s teeth far better than silver or amalgam. The resin composite used to make tooth colored fillings can restore the affected tooth’s strength up to 90%, which is also stronger than traditional metal fillings. Resin composite fillings also require less of the natural tooth to be removed than metal fillings. the more natural tooth the patient can retain, the better for long term dental wellness. 

  3. Health- Amalgam fillings have health concerns dating back more than 20 years about the percentage of mercury in the metal mixture used to make the filling. Mercury is poisonous and this concern has lead to an increase of the resin composite fillings which contain no poisonous material making them harm free.

  4. Simpler- The resin composite fillings are much easier for Dr. Boyer to work with. Since the mixture is a resin when injected, it is far easier to work the gooey mixture into every crevice. This another strong advantage tooth colored fillings have or their bulky metal counterpart. Resin composite fillings are also much easier to replace, if needed, than amalgam fillings which tend to do more harm than good when being removed.

  5. Less Sensitive- With amalgam fillings you can sometimes get a metallic taste in your mouth almost like you are chewing on a piece of aluminum foil. This is called dental galvanism and while it is not serious, it can be annoying. Luckily, tooth colored resin composite fillings are not prone to this condition.

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