Different Parts of the Teeth

Recently we discussed the different types of teeth, and the different functions they serve for your oral health. This time, we wanted to narrow the scope and look at the anatomy of individual teeth. You’ve heard of enamel, roots, crowns, and other parts of your teeth, but nonetheless, we wanted to spend some time describing the crucial functions that each part of your teeth serve.

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Different Parts of the Teeth

  • Enamel: The enamel is a highly mineralized outer shell that protects the teeth from outside dangers like bacteria and extreme temperatures. While the enamel is the strongest part of a tooth, it’s still vulnerable to damage and decay.
  • Dentin: The dentin is the next layer below the enamel. This is also a mineralized tissue, but it’s not quite as strong as the enamel. When decay reaches the dentin, you’ll likely start to feel temperature sensitivity.
  • Crown: The crown refers to the visible portion of each tooth above the gumline. You might be surprised to learn that the crown accounts for only one-third of each tooth. The crown comes in different shapes depending on its placement in the mouth.
  • Root: The root is the two-thirds portion of each tooth hidden below the gumline. The root extends down to the jawbone, where it attaches to provide support for the tooth.
  • Pulp: The pulp is the sensitive tissue inside of your teeth. It’s mostly made up of nerve tissue and blood vessels, which keeps your teeth healthy and alive.
  • Gumline: The gumline is the area where your teeth and gums meet. Sound hygiene is crucial to this step, as bacteria and plaque can fester under the gumline and lead to early stages of gum disease (gingivitis).

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