5 Health Benefits of Clean Teeth

Anytime you visit the dentist, you’re told how important brushing and flossing are to the health of your teeth. It’s true. Everyone needs to brush and floss twice a day to combat tooth decay and keep their gums healthy. For those of you who struggle to maintain a proper oral health routine, here’s a little motivation to brush and floss daily: clean teeth present a number of health benefits!

As if you needed another reason to brush and floss, aside from keeping teeth healthy, you’ll never want to skip out on oral care again once you hear the many health benefits that come along with it. Simply put, thorough oral care can help prevent a number of diseases, in addition to saving you money on costly treatments. Let the experts at Spring Valley Dental Care fill you on the health advantages of clean teeth.

Maintaining Clean Teeth: 5 Health Benefits

Clean teeth go much further than simply promoting a healthy mouth. The same bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease could be the bacteria leading to more health-threatening issues. For instance, gum infections can trigger the body to overreact and actually destroy protective cells, which has been linked to heart disease. View the list below to see how else clean teeth benefit your health:

  • Respiratory diseases and pneumonia are caused when bacteria enters the lower respiratory tract, and the bacteria from periodontal disease could be the culprit!
  • Women are prone to gingivitis during pregnancy. If it leads to the more severe gum disease, they’re also prone to premature births.
  • Gum disease has proven to alter cognitive function, which could lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Green tea, omega-3s and oral care can all help maintain cognitive function.
  • Yet again, gum disease alters blood glucose, which can progress diabetes in those who already suffer from it. Clearly, gum disease needs to be prevented.
  • Proper oral care can even help you lose weight, as your brain grows accustom to not eating after brushing. In short, when you brush your teeth, you can suppress hunger.

Additional Benefits of Proper Oral Care

Not only does maintaining your oral health help prevent the many diseases and issues listed above, it will also save you money in the long run. Spending the time to brush and floss daily will save you from spending money on costly treatments for tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, maintaining clean teeth will keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth looking white. Save money and prevent diseases and be sure to brush and floss daily. It’ll truly pay off in the future.

Keep Teeth Clean at Spring Valley Dental Care

Clearly, maintaining clean teeth is far more important than most patients think. While brushing and flossing are essential to great oral health, the benefits go much further. Clean teeth present a variety of health benefits, and they’ll also save you money. Start protecting your teeth and body today, and come into Spring Valley Dental Care for a checkup and thorough cleaning.

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