How Brushing Your Tongue Fights Bacteria | Spring Valley Dental

It’s no secret that brushing and flossing are crucial when it comes to eliminating bacteria from our mouths. However, most patients aren’t aware that brushing your tongue is also an important part of promoting great oral hygiene. Of course, brushing and flossing surely help remove bacteria, though these two tasks alone aren’t enough. In fact, your tongue is actually home to a large portion of bacteria that reside in your mouth, and simply brushing the surrounding teeth won’t suffice.

Proper oral hygiene is a necessity in preventing tooth decay and gum disease, and a thorough oral hygiene routine should include brushing both your teeth and tongue twice a day, in addition to flossing daily. Simply put, brushing your tongue, on top of brushing and flossing your teeth, will ensure the bacteria in your mouth is scrubbed away. Take a moment to learn why brushing your tongue is not only beneficial, but also necessary.

Why You Need to Brush Your Tongue

As mentioned, brushing and flossing your teeth simply aren’t enough to fully remove bacteria from your mouth. Though brushing does eliminate bacteria from the surface of your teeth, the bacteria you miss on your tongue will ultimately move to your teeth soon after. Dental patients should also note brushing your tongue is the only way to effectively kill bacteria. Many patients look to mouth rinses to kill bacteria, but these rinses only attack the outer layer of the film bacteria create (biofilm).

This biofilm created by the bacteria in your mouth causes bad breath and can often lead to tooth decay, which is why brushing your tongue is so important. If you experience bad breath and consistently brush your tongue, you should consult with your dentist to find any potential underlying issue.

How to Effectively Keep Your Tongue Bacteria Free

Brushing your tongue may seem self-explanatory, but with a couple tips, you can thoroughly rid your tongue, and mouth, of bacteria. When you’ve finished brushing your teeth, don’t forget to scrub your tongue while following these simple steps:

  • Brush from the front to back of your tongue
  • Brush from left to right
  • Rinse your mouth directly after

Maybe these steps were indeed a little straightforward, but you can still benefit by following them. Plain and simple, every patient should include brushing their tongue in their daily oral hygiene routine. It won’t only save you from bad breath, but it may also protect your teeth from decay.

A Thorough Routine Leads to Clean Teeth

Though it may be a simple task, and come as no surprise, brushing your tongue can be very beneficial to your oral health. If you’re concerned about your breath or the health of your teeth, be sure to contact Spring Valley Dental to consult with Dr. William Boyer. You can contact us here or give us a call at 619.670.4471.