Why You Should Avoid DIY Teeth Whitening

In the last decade, the DIY teeth whitening market has blossomed into a massive industry. Each and every product you’ll find promises a quick and hassle-free path to whiter teeth. While in many cases these claims might be true, there’s also a number of dangers that come along with at-home teeth whitening.

At Spring Valley Dental Care, we encourage our patients to pursue professional teeth whitening over the DIY kits purchased at stores. Our teeth whitening service is facilitated under the expertise of Dr. Boyer, ensuring that your teeth are whitened properly and in a healthy manner. Before calling us to schedule a consultation, learn more about why you should avoid DIY teeth whitening.

Why is DIY Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

There are dozens of DIY teeth whitening kits available for over-the-counter purchase. Most of these products, utilizing bleach as their chief ingredient, will promise a means to safely and efficiently whiten your teeth. But left unregulated, bleach can cause serious harm not only to the cosmetics of your teeth but also to your oral health.

One of the greatest risks that comes with bleaching your teeth is heightened sensitivity. Especially for people who whiten their teeth excessively, there is the potential to weaken the strength of your teeth to the point that they become hyper-sensitive.

Bleach in DIY teeth whitening kits can penetrate cavities, cracks in the teeth, and can cause serious irritation to the gums. In more extreme cases, the bleach from teeth whitening kits has even been known to adversely affect people’s stomachs.

On a cosmetic level, excessive whitening can, in fact, make your teeth more vulnerable to yellowing than in teeth that aren’t exposed to so much bleach. Without the guidance of a professional, people often whiten their teeth unevenly, leaving visible yellow spots on the teeth that stick out against the whitened areas of the teeth.

What is the Zoom Whitening System?

At Spring Valley Dental we use the Zoom whitening system for our patients seeking whiter teeth. Under the professional guidance of Dr. Boyer, this method is safer and more effective than the products you’ll find over-the-counter elsewhere.

When you come into our office for Zoom whitening treatment, first we’ll make sure that your teeth and gums are clean, ensuring that your teeth are whitened evenly. Then the Zoom whitening gel is painted onto your teeth so that, unlike with DIY kits, all of your teeth are wholly covered by the whitening gel. A light is shined on the gel to activate the whitening process, and then, voila. Your teeth will be dazzling white!

Ready for a Professional Whitening?

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