Don’t Be An Elephant

Don’t Be An Elephant The largest land mammal on Earth is also one of the longest living animals. Elephants are known to live up to 70 years. What is magic about 70 years? These animals are herbivores meaning they eat grasses and vegetation. These foods take a lot of grinding to get the nutrition the […]

Should I use a Mouthwash?

Should I use a Mouthwash? From Spring Valley Dental Usually not. Most mouthwashes still have alcohol that dries out your mouth. Your taste buds say “my mouth is clean!” The truth is you just destroyed the beneficial saliva in your mouth. You also killed a huge number of good bacteria! Yes, GOOD BACTERIA- most germs […]

How to Brush Your Teeth: For Kids

If you’re reading an article called “How to Brush Your Teeth for Kids,” my guess is that your little ones are ready for some serious oral hygiene. You made it through the first few months of child rearing and think you have it down…Then, that first little tooth appears. “What do I do?” you ask. […]

Dry Mouth Syndrome

One of the biggest challenges for dental health is Dry Mouth Syndrome. As we get older, our digestive secretions begin to decline. Saliva in your mouth is one of the most important. Not only does saliva begin the digestion of your food, it fights tooth decay. Your saliva has antibodies and chemicals to combat bacteria. […]

What 3 Things are needed to get a Cavity?

It takes three things to get a cavity. (I’ll give you the first 1 it’s A Tooth) What are the other 2 things? Germs, we call them bacterial plaque. Dental decay is the #1 bacterial infection in humans! And #3? Simple carbohydrates (aka: Sugar). Totally take away any one of those 3 and you won’t […]

Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Your enamel plays an incredibly important role in your mouth. It is your shield from many issues with your oral health. With that said, it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits to keep your enamel healthy and strong. It is also beneficial to learn what is putting your enamel at risk. Spring Valley […]

What Foods Are Good For Teeth

With the holidays coming up, there are a lot of different types of foods and desserts that you may consume. For many families, there is also a lot of travel in between your home and the destination. You’ll want to keep in mind what foods are best for your teeth for both the trip and […]

How To Keep Teeth Healthy and Strong

When the holiday seasons begins to roll around, there is a lot of food and dessert that is introduced to your diet. It is important to be aware of the different types of foods you’re eating and make sure that you are keeping up with your oral hygiene. This Thanksgiving, learn the different foods that […]

How to Stop Acid Erosion on Teeth

Your enamel is the outer layer of your tooth that protects from tooth decay. It is a highly mineralized portion of the tooth that cannot be regenerated if gone. That’s why it is so important to keep your mouth healthy and minimize enamel loss. Without your enamel, your teeth are at risk of many oral […]

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unlike other dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth rather than their health or function. Many cosmetic procedures not only make teeth more beautiful, they can help the health and function of them as well. Anything from whitening to reshaping of teeth is considered to be cosmetic. These procedures give […]

Best Invisalign in Spring Valley

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile, and among the many cosmetic procedures available, straightening is important for aesthetically beautiful and overall healthy teeth. Invisalign is a proven method for straightening teeth. It is perfect for those wanting straighter alignment without some of the sacrifices and difficulties that braces require to be successful. Spring Valley […]

Is Chewing Gum Good For Your Teeth?

Keeping your smile happy and healthy can sometimes be easier said than done. With bacteria and plaque build up contributing to tooth decay, it can be hard to know which foods to stay away from. Teeth are strong however, and oftentimes just need to be helped along by what we consume, along with daily oral […]

Improving Oral Health with Orthodontics

It may seem strange that you go to a dentist, an orthodontist and a periodontist for different aspects of oral care; however, ultimately this is all part of the process in maintaining good oral hygiene and care. These roles go hand in hand, so oftentimes a dentist may suggest other methods to help care for […]

How To Fight Tooth Decay

Your teeth are considered the strongest part of your body, with your enamel serving as the hard outer layer protecting your teeth from decay. As hard as your enamel fights for you, tooth decay or cavities are still common in individuals of all ages, making good oral hygiene essential in how we can help our […]

Your Questions Answered: What Are Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are one of the most commonly overlooked dental procedures due to the lack of knowledge surrounding them. Many clients who could benefit from this service don’t know what porcelain veneers are, and have many unanswered questions. Understanding the benefits, uses, and longevity of porcelain veneers is the first step in looking and feeling […]

Causes of Halitosis

Dealing with halitosis (bad breath) can put a damper on your self-esteem, even when it is only temporary. Not to mention, it can also be a struggle to get rid of, which only makes halitosis more frustrating. Luckily, halitosis is treatable—even in chronic stages. Since simply brushing and flossing your teeth will only mask the […]

Dental FAQ

When it comes to maintaining oral health, there seems to always be questions arising, whether it be how often we’re supposed to brush or whether or not flossing is as important as they say it is. Some believe that oral health is negligible, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When dental issues begin […]

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Our permanent teeth can experience a lot of wear and tear over time if we don’t take care of them. Without the proper oral care, they are constantly at risk of tooth decay, stains, and damage. In some situations, the look of your teeth can begin to be cause for concern. That’s where dental veneers […]

Dental Fluorosis Causes and Treatments

Fluoride is an important mineral for teeth because it helps rebuild the enamel which serves as a protective layer over your teeth. Fluoride is great for your teeth in small doses, but too much fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis—a condition that often results in the discoloration of your enamel. While it is most common […]

Why is Smoking Bad for Your Oral Health?

Most people, whether they smoke or not, are aware of the harmful risks associated with smoking and tobacco use. In fact, the surgeon general’s warning on commercial tobacco products states that their use causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and pregnancy complications. However, most people are not aware that smoking also plays a huge role […]